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A Modest Proposal Part 5

Recap.  For the previous 4 installments of this blog I have discussed various aspects of a government based on the non(zero) aggression principle.  In some instances, examples of what this type of government would be contrasted with the aggressive government … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal Part 1

It has been quite a year since I last wrote on this blog.  ObamaCare/RomneyCare has been vetted more than once by the Supremes, all states must recognize and license homosexual marriage, Colorado is allowing medicinal marijuana, and Texas has decided … Continue reading

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What is Destroying America? Part 2 of 3

While it is a bit difficult to address the issues by taking one group at a time (since they really overlap), I’m going to continue to take a stab at it. In this part I am going to discuss the … Continue reading

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