About a month ago I wrote and said there would be a new way of connecting with liberty-minded folks within Comanche County. One of the goals of the forum will be to promote liberty candidates and disseminate liberty information within Comanche County specifically and state and nation-wide issues generally. It is hoped that some within the readership will become candidates themselves. If you do not wish to be a part of this effort or are no longer a resident within Comanche County, please let me know and I will delete you from any further email announcements. Also, if you know of others who may be in the liberty movement that you believe may not have gotten this message, feel free to give them the link below. Finally, if you wish to be a contributing author or editor please let me know and I will add you and assign your role. We will be linking to the larger OKGrassroots.com statewide site.

Some of the more noteworthy figures in the original Sons of Liberty are:

John Adams – lawyer, Massachusetts
Samuel Adams – political writer, tax collector/fire warden, Boston
Benedict Arnold – businessman, Norwich
Benjamin Edes – journalist/publisher Boston Gazette, Boston
John Hancock – merchant/smuggler/fire warden, Boston
Patrick Henry – lawyer/fire warden Virginia
John Lamb – trader, New York City
William Mackay – merchant, Boston
Alexander McDougall – captain of privateers, New York City
James Otis – lawyer, Massachusetts
Paul Revere – silversmith/fire warden, Boston
Benjamin Rush – physician, Philadelphia
Isaac Sears – captain of privateers, New York City
Haym Solomon – financial broker, New York and Philadelphia
Charles Thomson – tutor/secretary, Kentucky
Joseph Warren – doctor/soldier, Boston
Thomas Young – doctor, Boston
Marinus Willett – cabinetmaker/soldier, New York
Oliver Wolcott – lawyer, Connecticut

Now you can add your name to this distinguished group and take your place in the next American Revolution of ideas.


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