A Modest Proposal Part 5

Recap.  For the previous 4 installments of this blog I have discussed various aspects of a government based on the non(zero) aggression principle.  In some instances, examples of what this type of government would be contrasted with the aggressive government we currently have.  The question, now is, how can those who wish the government to butt out of their private lives, who are ready to take personal responsibility for themselves and their families, and are ready to live in the freedom in which many of the founders of the united States of America believed, effect this change?

Critical thinkingAssumptions.  Before diving in, I want to state some assumptions made which are behind these recent posts.

1. The ability to bring the national government under control is not viable-the system is too corrupt to be saved.
2. It is only a matter of time before the dollar is dethroned as the world’s international currency.
3. Any effort to break away from the current national government will necessitate a new monetary system based on a physical commodity such as gold and/or silver.  In regards to this, Texas is well on its way to achieving this with the gold depository law recently enacted.
4. Any movement toward session and sovereignty will be met with political and possibly military pressure from the national and, depending on the size of the movement, the individual state where the secession begins.
5. Once a county with a foreign military presence (US) residing within it decides to form its own government separate from the US, that foreign military presence must leave, and will leave without incident. (I know, this is a big assumption.)

Strategy.  There would need to be a group of committed activists within each county.  The group would need writers of letters-to-the-editor of various newspapers in the area, writers of blogs and Facebook sites popular within the county, someone to liaise with the adjacent county activist groups to coordinate efforts and exchange ideas, and someone to decipher the current political system to begin crafting referendums for local ballots to propose changes to the county government (similar to those that have been discussed in the previous 4 blog articles).  The writers to the editor could take turns writing the articles, attempting to not only educate the readers but to also motivate them to support the referendums when they are introduced.

As momentum begins to grow behind the movement, rallies within the county would be organized to widen publicity for NAP and the new government.  Local television and radio coverage of these events would spread the word even further.  Getting  nationally-known speakers to come and speak would enhance the movement and could assist nearby counties with their campaigns as well.

Because of its central importance to gaining freedom, one of the first referendums should be on creating an organized militia for the county.  The decision concerning the capitation tax and repeal of city and county taxes, and the declaration of non-support of state income taxes would need to be coupled with the militia as one will not work without the other.  Depending on the number of elections, it is conceivable that freedom for the county could be had within one or two years.  Key is the groundwork mentioned in the previous two paragraphs.

This strategy follows the NAP, does not use coercive force, and, if successful, allows those who wish to remain citizens of the United States to remain so while still living in the county…no one HAS to move anywhere due to the county’s restructured government.

Economic Growth.  With the lack of corporate taxes, federal, state, and local, businesses would be able to thrive.  Once counties begin to confederate, having the same NAP structure, even more businesses and industry will apply for entry, creating a resurgence of commerce in the area which will grow exponentially, once word gets out.

Conclusion.  So, this is how freedom could return to this country, one county at a time.  It will take a huge effort, one that will not be over any time soon.  It must be remembered, however, that all it takes is a small, industrious and irate minority to effect change of this magnitude, made a little easier by eating the elephant one bite at a time and not trying to eat it all at once.  Comments are welcomed.



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