A Modest Proposal Part 2


So, how do you start crafting a new system of governance?  I’ve attempted to look at the good and bad in the current system and then visualize how the individual could possibly have the most freedom and not infringe on another’s freedom at the same time.

First of all, let’s discuss citizenship.  What does that mean?  Just because you are born in a certain location, should that automatically make you a citizen of that place?

Citizenship Proposal.  Initial Creation of a New Government.

Citizenship would be a yearly activity and would occur at the same time taxes were paid.  Upon creation of the new government and within the next 30 days, people within that particular area being governed by the new government, would go to their current voting places.  They would read (or have someone read) a two-page document stating how the government would be executed for the next year.  The individual would then be allowed to sign a statement, either declaring citizenship or declaring alien status and requesting a work-visa or other type visa to be able to remain in the new governed area.

As stated, taxes would also be paid at this time.  There would be no payroll taxes, consumption taxes, or any other tax other than the one time capitation tax.  All tax proceeds would stay within the county where the individual resides.  If one elected to be a citizen, the tax would be a flat $100 or the equivalent.  If alien was chosen, the tax would be a flat $200 or the equivalent.  The taxes would apply to everyone 18 years old and up.

Before paying the tax, the individual would be given a list of projects with several blanks.  This list would provide the individual the choice of where he would want his tax money to go.  He would be allowed to choose those he wished to fund and list the amount he wished to go to that particular project, with the minimum amount being $5 to any one project.  If there was an area where the individual wanted the government to be involved and it was not listed, he could add the project in one of the blanks and put money toward it.  These projects would be things like roads, bridges, trash pick up, water, sewer, etc.

Each citizen would be a part of the militia for that particular county.  The militia would encompass medical, financial, contractual, emergency services, and others, as well as policing and combat.  The individual citizen would be allowed to choose where he wished to participate.  He would make his initial selection after his 18th birthday and be able to change or keep his selection at the same time every year.  Those who chose the profession they were in, such as a doctor choosing medical services, would not need to drill.  Those choosing a field that is not their profession, such as infantry, would be required to drill with the county militia an agreed upon number of times during the year.  The militia would consist of those citizens 18-60, with those beyond 60 filling non-combat roles.  The militia would not be deployed outside the county unless the county had reciprocity agreements with other surrounding counties for mutual aid.  There would be no standing military.

Militia members in the contracting field would be the ones administering all contracts let by the county.  After the taxes were collected, these militia members would oversee the projects that received enough money to be awarded.  They would be periodically audited by other militia members within the finance field.  Since these contracting officers would require extra time to manage these contracts away from their regular jobs, they would receive 3% of the total amount for the contract they were managing.

If the project did not receive enough money to be actioned in a current year, the money would be placed in an account until the following year.  If that project received enough money from the new year and the previous, then the project would be placed on contract.  If the project still did not have enough money to contract, the money for that project (both past and current) would be evenly distributed to the other projects that had been listed for that year, possibly making some of the underfunded projects able to be contracted.  Each contract would be for one year, only.  It would have the possibility of being renewed based on the money it received the following year.

Local firms will bid on these projects and a selection board would be created to review each bid.  The selection board would consist of the militia members within the contracting field and a representative of the field for which the contract was to be let.  Any citizen with financial or other ties to the companies bidding on the contract will not be allowed to be on  the selection board.

The above covers citizenship and taxes.  As you may have noticed, it is focused at the current county level.  Also, the militia has a large roll in the government.  In fact, it is the government in that each citizen is a member.  The military portion of the militia will need to be prepared to defend the new government immediately.  As was seen before, the North did not like the idea of the South leaving.  Even though the North did not like the South, they would not let it go.

Again, I welcome comments on the above.

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