A Modest Proposal Part 1


It has been quite a year since I last wrote on this blog.  ObamaCare/RomneyCare has been vetted more than once by the Supremes, all states must recognize and license homosexual marriage, Colorado is allowing medicinal marijuana, and Texas has decided to repatriate its gold and create a gold depository in the state.

From these decisions, it should become painfully obvious that government is not a friend to the people.  In fact, a national government is very adept at pitting one group against another.  The US government has done this every time it has breached the bounds of the US Constitution.  Abortion, for instance, is such a ruling.  The Supremes granted the “right” ensuring enmity between those who support abortion and those who do not.  In this case, it is the non-religious vs the religious but the ruling is beyond the powers granted by the Constitution.  Prohibition was another case where, in this instance, the religious were the majority and those who didn’t think drinking was so bad were the minority (at least within the political sphere).

This continuous back-and-forth, always trampling on the minority’s rights is how the government feeds itself.  There is always a struggle to get political control to work the majority’s will on the minority.  The minority wants to get control so they can right all the wrongs the majority has done to them while in power.  Once the minority take control, they enact their own laws that are odious to the majority.  It never ends…there has to be a better way.

How can the cycle be broken?  Can it be broken in the US?  Is there too much money and power at stake to allow it to occur?  Can it be done and keep the US territory as it is it too late to reform the national government?  In the next several posts I plan to outline a government that would use at its core the non-aggression (zero-aggression) principle and would allow people to be as free as they wish to be.

These are thoughts I’ve been working on for a while and would appreciate any criticism or comments concerning the ideas I will be sharing.

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