What is the REAL Mission?

Try to imagine that it is 2AM and you are sleeping. Your family is in the house with you and you an ordinary citizen with “nothing to hide”. You are awakened by a noise at your front door and, while attempting to wake up, are knocked to the ground by an explosion and hear cursing and yelling coming from somewhere. You get enough composure to retrieve your firearm and position yourself so you can protect your family from whatever is about to come through that door. You have heard no announcement of who these people are. What do you do when those images appear in that door? Warn? Shoot? You know that if they make it past you, your family will likely be harmed.

If you shoot and it is a gang bent on physical harm to you and your family and to rob you, more than likely, they will flee once the bullets begin to fly. If they are SWAT, however, they will continue until you are subdued. That is probably how and when you will know what you are up against.

So, how often does SWAT go to the wrong address in the middle of the night and conduct “No Knock” raids? Apparently fairly often. William Norman Grigg writes extensively about police who have crossed the line at Pro Libertate

Back to our initial scenario.

If the intruders were a gang, you most likely would have killed/wounded the first one or two and the rest would have fled the scene. You might face questioning by the police once you call them to report what happened. Depending on your state and city, you might face charges of owning a weapon without a license but will likely not face any charges associated with killing/wounding the intruders.

If, however, they were SWAT and you manage to live through the ordeal, you will likely be charged with murder/attempted murder if you killed/wounded any of them. You might also lose a family member to one of their stray rounds but they will not be charged because of immunity. SWAT will not be responsible for repairing what they tore up in the raid, even though they went to the wrong address. Your family’s only recourse is to sue the city where the taxpayers will pay any fines that may result. The raiders will hailed as heros only doing their jobs and sorry for your luck.

So, we are back to the original question. What is the real reason for SWAT? I submit that it is intimidation. It is a failed reaction to the unconstitutional “War” on drugs. As someone once said, “What’s the use of having all these toys and not being able to use them?”

What is the solution? Well, first off, end the “War” on drugs. Next, disband SWAT everywhere and go back to serving warrants the old fashioned way. Stake the place out for a while if you feel threated, then serve the warrant. If none of these occur (I haven’t seen any pigs flying lately) be vigilant, create a neighborhood watch and immediate response team, and use that team to assist if any neighbor calls for help. More than likely, neighbors are in a position to respond more rapidly that the police, especially in rural areas. I believe this approach could go a long way in stopping this abuse.

Any other ideas?

Next topic…police forces in general.

SWAT used on Wisconsin no-kill animal shelter. Supervisor says….wait for it….Yesterday the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources posted on its Facebook page a lame excuse for its Seal Team 6 style raid on the animal shelter, excusing the assault by claiming that “our staff took precautions to keep everyone safe as they executed the required search warrant.” I’d say intimidation is at work here.

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