9/11: The Story with No Ending

9_11 Map
What is it with 9/11 and the continual reference to it to justify the mayhem the US government unleashes throughout the world? Will we ever know the truth about it?
A question I have is: Was the Murrah Building bombing a dry run for 9/11?
Similarities are-
1)it appeared that bombs were placed on beams within the buildings designed to explode and bring the buildings down. Initial news footage of the Murrah Building had reporters stating that bomb squads were removing unexploded bombs from the building. A great investigative source on the Murrah Building is “The Final Report on the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building”, by State Representative Charles Key. This book can be found on Amazon
2)both scenes were cleaned up before a throrough investigation could be conducted.
3)both scenes had the rubble shipped off by the same contractor.

Other questions I have are:
1)If the planes were drones or missiles, were there really flights that day with the flight designations given by the media?
2)If the planes were drones or missiles and there really were flights that day with flight designations given by the media, where are the passengers and crew?
3)If they really were passenger jets with a crew and passengers, has any of the family members of those passengers ever said anything about their loved ones?
4)Flight 93 had the “Let’s Roll” slogan but did that really happen on an aircraft since the crash site had no distinguishable debris?
5)If Flight 93 did not crash, was there such a flight?
6)If Flight 93 did not crash and there was such a flight, where are the passengers and crew?

The following links were recently sent to me and I’d like to share them. If you are big into the 9/11 mystery, you may have already seen them.
If you have any answers to the questions I have posed above, I’d appreciate a response with links to your information.
National Security Alert-The 9/11 Pentagon EventThis is 1 of 8 videos that specifically look at the Pentagon, eye witnesses, and compares the official story with eye witness accounts.
9/11 False Flag Conspiracy This video explains financial and political connections that necessitated 9/11.

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