The Oklahoma Contingent – Recent Happenings


So, what has the Oklahoma contingent to “The Capitol” (from Hunger Games) been up to recently? What has occurred to either give hope or despair to the folks in the great state of


Oklahoma? Two things seem to have caught the media eye. Both have freedom and Constitutional implications and both have freedom and tyranny proponents.

NSA Defunding Amendment
You may have recently heard that Justin Amash led a charge to defund the portion of the NSA budget that fuels the domestic spying program that has come to light due to Edward Snowden’s blowing the whistle. There are implications to this spying that, on the surface, may not be apparent. Let’s just think about “there is no point in collecting all of this data if it isn’t going to be used”. Can this be one reason why votes in the Congress always seem to be incoherent and inconsistent?
Ah, I digress.
There were two that sided with freedom on this amendment to the bill, Bridenstein of 1st District and Mullin of 2nd District (again, doesn’t this sound a little like Hunger Games?) The other three did what they usually do – sell out to the state. Lankford voted for a watered down version of the Amash amendment, then stated the bill wasn’t the proper venue to address the Amash ideas. Huh? It has been said that he was reading from a note on the stationery of Cole – could it be “proper” talking points? I’d just like to commend Congressmen Bridenstein and Mullin for their vote. May the odds of them voting for liberty principles be ever in our favor and may the fleas of one thousand camels infest the houses of those who consistently cast votes for tyranny against the citizens of Oklahoma.

ObamaCare (RomneyCare but with a D behind it)
Cole has decided that attempting to defund ObamaCare is not possible and that shutting down the government until ObamaCare is done away with is childish. I would think that ObamaCare will end up defunding itself if not done by Congress since it is unsustainable. Is it the plan to let the economy crash on its own weight rather than to attempt to lessen the impact of the crash on the citizen? Is it impossible to reign in spending before it is too late? To use as an example, as a federal employee, I am furloughed and 20% of my pay is lost due to 20% of my time being unpaid-working 32 hrs a week. After checking previous pay stubs, I found that the last time I made my current salary was in 2007. So, as a private citizen I am expected to execute a budget that was in effect in 2007 but the Congress cannot even go back to a 2012 budget without “grave national security implications”? Again, does this go back to the NSA spying dragnet? Is Cole being blackmailed by someone in high places to publish gibberish like this? Makes me wonder.



ObamaCare (RomneyCare but with a D behind it)

Yes, our faithful Senator Coburn (a doctor of all things) has weighed in on this topic. Since what he said is strangely similar to what Cole said – basically that ObamaCare cannot be defeated (where is that rubber glove) and to get over it. Easy to say for someone who will not be under its “benevolent” provisions. Just as his vote for the original TARP, which he is still proud of, this statement only makes sense in light of the NSA’s collection efforts over the last ___ years (you fill in the blank since we have no idea how long this has really been going on.)

The net around each citizen is becoming more and more sure. The snake has 1000 heads and grows a new one when a head is wounded or severed. It should be obvious by now that voting (at least at the national level) is not the answer. If voting was effective, Congress would have outlawed it.

I propose a three-pronged strategy. First, have Oklahoma reconstitute the Oklahoma State Militia. There are provisions for it currently within the Oklahoma State Constitution. Second, nullify any unconstitutional laws emanating from “The Capitol”. Begin tapering off, with the ultimate goal of no longer accepting, federal funds for anything. At the same time, reduce the funds sent to “The Capitol” by the same amount no longer being received. Use the Oklahoma State Militia to repel any federal aggression. Lastly, if the situation becomes untenable, Oklahoma should secede.

The hour is late. Is it possible to have a constitutional republic? Was the coup that occurred during the writing of the Constitution a failure in that what they wrote has actually led us to this place? As Ron Paul once said, the American people must decide what the role of government should be. It seems there are some who believe it should take care of citizens from cradle to grave (as a farmer does his livestock). Others believe in private property and ownership of oneself, taking personal responsibility for decisions made. Which are you and how do you see being able to achieve that which you believe in?

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