Ron Paul Presidency – What Would Have Been Different?


Well, it’s been a little over a year since President Obama started his second term as President of the United States. What a difference a year makes! It seems that the time has come to reflect on where we are as a nation under President Obama and where we would be under a Paul presidency. I’d like to work this as a “What has occurred under the current administration” and “What would have occurred under President Paul”. I will create a heading, then, using their last names, make the contrast.

– Destabilized Libya by helping to overthrow its leader. Libya is now a basket case.
– Destabilized Egypt by denouncing Morsi and continuing to provide aid to the coup leaders. Egypt now under military junta.
– Providing arms to the Syrian rebels with links to the same terrorists we are fighting in Afghanistan. American arms probably being used against American soldiers in Afghanistan.
– American military still occupying Afghanistan. Will be a failed state whether American soldiers stay or not.
– Drone strikes continue.
– Military adventures are occurring more frequently in Africa and AFRICOM is trying to get a permanent base on the continent.
– Libya would still be intact.
– Egypt would have the government that was voted in by the Egyptian people.
– Syrian rebels and Syrian government would not receive any military aid from the US.
– American soldiers would no longer be occupying Afghanistan.
– Drone strikes would have ceased.
– Military adventures in Africa would not exist. AFRICOM would be disbanded.
– The military would no longer be used as aggressors and invaders.

– Whistleblowers Bradley Manning, Snowden, and Assange are treated as spies and traitors.
– NSA spying on Americans’ electronic, telephonic, and snail mail goes unabated and is touted as a requirement to keep citizens safe.
– IRS targeted conservative groups for auditing.
– Fast and Furious gun-running operation performed by the Justice (sic) Department.
– FBI and their continuing false flag operations to make Americans believe there is a credible terrorist threat.
– Bradley Manning would receive humane treatment and would be given a fair trial – the Commander in Chief would insure that.
– The NSA head would have been fired and its operations severely curtailed. The large data repository in Utah would not be built.
– The IRS would be on its way to oblivion along with the Federal Reserve.
– Fast and Furious would have never occurred. Had it occurred, Holder would have been immediately fired.
– The FBI would have its operations greatly curtailed.
– The PATRIOT ACT would no longer be enforced by the President. Domestic spying would cease.

I’m sure there are other areas and items that would be different. What would you add to the list?

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