Social Security – To Take or Not To Take, That is the Question

Title from the SSA website

Well, it seems that time is speeding up on me. It won’t be long until I will be at that age when it is time to decide when to take my SS “benefits”. Do I take them early and reap the “benefits” while the program is still viable, incurring a penalty for not waiting? Or should I wait, betting that the “benefits” will continue and that I’ll live long enough to recoup that which I would have had earlier. What a quandary!

Of course, we all know that the money I will be receiving came from someone else and that all of the money I paid in has been long gone, paying into someone else’s benefits, the wars, abortion, etc. But is that really the end of the argument? Since it would not really be my money, but money stolen from someone younger than myself, is it moral to take the money at all?

It seems that although when SS was first started, it was to be an account with your name on it, being saved for you when you retired. Naturally, Congress could not stand to have all of that money just sitting around idle, so it appropriated it, co-opting the scheme, making it into a giant Ponzi. All of the money goes into the General Fund – a big hopper that can be used for anything.

Upon considering that the money will never sit unused if Congress has any say in the matter, I have decided to go ahead, when the time comes, and take the money. By doing so, I hope to deprive the government from using it to further another war or some other program to rob all of us of our freedoms. I just hope it won’t be long before the younger folks do not have to pay into the Ponzi and are allowed to invest their money as they see fit, not fronting the Congress with free money to squander. Of course, after wasting the money and seeking to get re-elected, Congressmen will come up with excuses why they may have to stop SS altogether (unless party A or B gets a majority in the House/Senate).

In fact, in a perfect world, I would 1) continue to pay those already on SS until they pass; 2) return the money paid into the system to those that have paid in; and 3) anyone coming into the workforce and anyone receiving the lump sum payment would be free to invest as they please, no longer contributing to someone else’s “benefits”.

Anyone care to share their thoughts on this?

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