What is Justice in America?

Getting a taste of the law.

One of the things I have pondered of late is why someone goes to jail when they steal something and why they pay any fine associated with that crime to the State and not the individual they stole from? Is the fine to pay for the salary of the person(s) who had to investigate the crime…or maybe to pay for the housing of the person in prison/jail?

It seems that the person committing the crime would pay the victim restitution. But, would that cause the insurance companies to lose business? After all, if you knew that someone who stole from you would have to pay you back, would you really need to buy insurance? And, if the person paid you back, maybe with interest or in-kind, would they necessarily need to go to jail/prison? No one was physically hurt during the robbery.

We might be able to save some money be making crimes such as robbery/theft more personal by making the perpetrator face the victim and not having to house and feed them for a certain period of time.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I’m not talking violent crime only where property is taken.

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One Response to What is Justice in America?

  1. Greg Mathers says:

    The Central Bankers would be paying for eternity. Oh yea, they will be.

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