A Tale of Two Chairmen (Priebus and Steele)

Current RNC Chair, Reince Priebus

In this corner you have a man who appears to be a little inebriated doing a soft shoe when being asked about certain papers. These papers were to nominate Congressman Ron Paul from the floor. There were 5 state delegations and the Virgin Islands who had drawn up the papers in accordance with the RNC rules. These were given to the Lieutenant Governor of Iowa, the Convention Secretary, to deliver to the Chair, Mr. Priebus. The documents were delivered to the LT Governor within the required time-limit and were supposedly given to Mr. Priebus before the deadline. With all the lies and deceit that occurred, it is impossible to get a clear ending to this story. Maybe someone out there has the proof and will hopefully come forth.

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele

In this corner is a man who is concerned about the RNC’s treatment of the grass roots and specifically Dr. Paul, his delegates, and supporters. Which one seems more like someone you would like representing you and your ideals? I was witness to Mr. Steele’s genuine concern on the Monday of the beginning of the convention in Tampa. Several of us were at Hooters, sitting outside (a great spot to watch the delegates and other dignitaries come thru the area). Mr. Steele and (I assume) an aide walked by and one of our party asked him if he knew what was going on and how the party had been treating Dr. Paul. Mr. Steele was getting ready to be interviewed on MSNBC but took the time to listen to the grievances. This conversation, I believe, helped him to see the issues clearly and was probably partly the reason for his comments on the Jon Stewart show.

So, the question remains…where do we go from here and how do we vote this year (or do we just not vote at all for President)? There are many local races that will be on the ballot. We definitely need to be active there – at the local and state level where we can have the most influence. Viva la R3volution.

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