Are They Scared?

The banner of the R3VOLution

This video is the bone the RNC threw to the Freedom Movement. You will notice that war was not an “approved” topic for the video. Also, you will notice that the politicians who are commenting on Ron Paul are those who have endorsed Mitt Romney.

One of the most pathetic things about the tribute was when it was shown. The RNC was supposed to start at 7:30 AM that morning; however, the video was shown between 7:00 and 7:30. Most of the delegates had not even arrived at the convention when the video was shown. You would not know this if you were not in the hall at the time. I was given this information by one of the delegates who was inside at the time of the showing.

There is no room for ideas or words that cannot be scripted or controlled. There is no room for those who actually believe the GOP platform. There is only room in the GOP for automatons and those who wish to mindlessly go thru the motions of a farcical political system.

I’ve only been involved in the actual workings of the political machine for the last 5 years. I do not know how long it has been like this; however, I suspect it has been corrupt for many, many years. Once you get involved, it is like being told there is no Santa and no Easter Bunny. All the lies that have been told come crushing down and it is difficult to swallow just how far your government and those that control the two-party system go to keep power.

If you are active in your local Republican Party, ask the members at the next meeting what they know of the convention, the new rules, and whether or not they support such blatant injustice. At that point you will know if you should stay or leave.

And yes, they are scared of us…we cannot be bought or corrupted.

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2 Responses to Are They Scared?

  1. What happened at the RNC is only a reflection that happened in local communities all across America. We had the Newt Gingrich crowd do the same exact thing to us locally here in Georgia. The RNC was just a little more public. The whole process is terrible.

    • I guess it was rampant. I wonder if there was a state that actually followed their own rules. Maybe Minnesota? It is interesting that people will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to get a job that only pays 150K or so. Where is the return on investment? Kickbacks/lobbyists/??

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