Just How Bad Is It (Part 2)

Remember the Maine!

Maine delegates and other Ron Paul delegates stage a walk out after 10 of their delegates are removed and replaced by Romney delegates. Several of the 10 are veterans, two having recently returned from Afghanistan.

This video is a compilation of some of the things that happened at the National Convention on Tuesday. It is the most egregious display of thuggery since the Oklahoma GOP State Convention.

On a personal note. Prior to the vote, there was the flap about the new rules. A lady organized a prayer/meditation time in a park near the convention center where we gathered (probably 25 of us). Many had been in the park most of the morning waving Ron Paul signs and talking to people as they came by in their cars. There was even some innocuous talk between us and the occupation forces there to keep us safe.

The second gathering for the same purpose of prayer/meditation came later that afternoon just prior to the actual voting for the nomination. This time we had probably 50 people and we gathered in the middle of the park rather than on the street corner of the park. Before we started, a group of about 10 bicycle cops were near the center of the park. We gathered then held hands for about 10 minutes. Someone even offered to let the police join us. All of a sudden, someone broke out with the anti-war chant “All we are saying is give peace a chance”. When that started, I noticed that there were more cops behind us (another 10 or so) and across the intersection, another 10-15 were gathering. It was as if they were preparing for a big riot or the storming of the Convention Center.

After chanting three or four times, we all dispersed. The cops melted away as well. After seeing what actually went on inside the convention hall, I can understand why the Republican National Convention people were so nervous. Maybe they were trying to incite us to violence by being so despicable in the convention. It didn’t work.

Several of us from Oklahoma got interviewed by different news agencies during this day but I’m not sure how many of them will make it to print. One of the Oklahomans with us was interviewed by a Swedish news outlet.

So, now you know how bad it is. The national GOP does not like people who believe in the platform to have a say in their party. This is something we must keep in mind…it is a private club. Just as the Federal Reserve is as federal as Federal Express, the national GOP is no more for grass roots or liberty than the United Nations.

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