Just How Bad Is It (Part 1)

Ron Paul Can Do Better

A Small Victory for Liberty

If you have been paying attention to the main stream media, you probably haven’t really noticed anything peculiar about the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Let me tell you, as a Parking Lot Delegate from Oklahoma, you are definitely in the dark about how the political system works! It isn’t what you thought or what you have been taught or told. Until you take a walk inside the belly of the beast, you will not believe it – I didn’t.

The picture was taken on Monday, the day the Convention was to start, and the day the National Party decided to have the delegate vote for nominee. The original date for that vote was Thursday; however, in order to attempt to out flank the liberty movement, the date was moved up. The decision to move the vote up came before the realization that the tropical storm might impact the convention.

The RNC, once it was believed that the tropical storm would hit on/near Tampa, decided just to gavel the opening and closing of the convention for the first day, not performing any business. Because of the breaking of rules consistently by the various states and by the national party concerning delegates from Maine, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and others, the liberty movement insured that they were at the RNC Monday morning early. Whether or not their attendance caused the RNC to follow the rules that day, we will probably never know.

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