Paul Ryan – What is His Record?

Mitt Romney’s pick for VP

So, now we have a VP nominee to go with the presumptive presidential nominee. Who is he? Paul Davis Ryan is the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district, serving since 1999. What kind of voting record does Mr. Ryan have? He is touted as a strict fiscal conservative but the budget he proposed would take 30 years to produce meaningful results. Now we all know that those types of deals go sour before the ink is dry. If the parties (Democrat and Republican) cannot make their candidates adhere to their own platforms (and they cannot, as should be obvious by now), how can they keep a bill like this going for 30 years and guarantee support for it the entire time? Answer, they cannot. But that does not keep them from trying to make you believe they can. Another example is abortion. How many times have Republican politicians said if only they had a majority, they could defeat abortion? They’ve had majorities several times, even with a Republican President and did nothing.

Since we took a look at Congressman Cole’s voting record, let’s take a look at Paul Ryan’s and see how he did against the only litmus test that counts – the US Constitution.

2012 – 112th Congress. Mr. Ryan has a whopping 67% in the JBS Voting Index. Out of 5 Republican Congressmen in Wisconsin, he is number 4 only behind Duffy with a 66%. He did outscore all of Wisconsin’s Democrat representatives, however!

As stated previously, he has been in Congress since 1999. Let’s take a look at two more scores while a Republican President was in office and the Republicans held the House.

2006 – 109th Congress. Wow, that was ugly! Mr. Ryan scored a 44%. Out of the 4 Republicans at that time, he was dead last…but only by 1 percentage point! In fact, of the 4 Democrats, he was only ahead of 1 of them. If your stomach can take it, let’s look at the first half of 2008.

2008 – 110th Congress. Well, this was more like the 112th Congress. His percentage was 66. When compared to the 3 Republicans, he was in the middle. This time he scored higher than all of the Democrat Representatives in Wisconsin.

As can be seen, Mr. Ryan appears to be well-suited for the position as Vice Presidential running mate for Mr. Romney. It is unfortunate that the man who scored 100% in each of the Congresses discussed above (Dr. Ron Paul) is having his delegates stolen from him by the Republican Party. The Liberty Movement must continue to become the Republican Party and bring it back to producing candidates that adhere to the US Constitution with the platform reflecting the principles of that document and that of the Founding Fathers.

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