Congressman Tom Cole (continued)

Tonight, I’ll continue the look at the voting record of Congressman Cole.   In the previous post, I stated his constitutional record on voting for the last half of 2008 was 50%.  What I failed to mention was that his overall constitutional voting record for the year was a whopping 54%!  The man must be a constitutional scholar on par with our current President.

Please recall that I said that when a Republican is in the Oval Office, the constitutional voting records of Republicans dips so that the fascist agenda can continue.  When a Democrat holds that office, the Republicans become more constitutional.  In Congressman Cole’s case, it wasn’t a great swing, but he did improve.

By the way, his overall record in thirty votes during 2012 was 67%, with a score of 60% for the bills discussed in the latest JBS Voting Index.  Rather than spell those bills out here, I’ll let you go to the site and see them for yourself.

Again, the web address is:

Oh, also, the following are the records for the other district congressmen:

District 1.  Sullivan  60%/76%
District 2. Boren(D) 50%/57%
District 3. Lucas 50%/63%
District 4. Cole 60%/67%
District 5. Lankford 60%/73%

Compare these percentages with the ones in the previous post to see how the voting changed between administrations.

Now if you are a voter in the 4th District and wish to vote for someone who is part of the liberty movement, please investigate RJ Harris.  He is running as a Libertarian against Congressman Cole.  His web address is:

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